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John, Helicopters and Baseball Caps

That John was odd is a fact about which there was no doubt. That he was ungainly looking, awkward,about snapbackmvp, socially inept and of limited intelligence was also obvious. John was in fifth year when I met him. His mother had brought him to the office because she was alarmed about his “preoccupation” with helicopters. It seems his teachers had expressed concerns about John’s constant reference to the helicopter which followed him to school each day. They were also concerned because John’s fellow students in school were intolerant of him, occasionally verbally abusive to him and had “set him up” on numerous occasions, at one time encouraging him to sing the national anthem aloud during prayer time in an assembly.

John’s one friend in school was Mr. O’Reilly, his English teacher. O’Reilly was a young lad who had only completed his teacher training the year before. O’Reilly was from a large family,cheap air max, born in rural Ireland he was the youngest and had been adored by his mother and father. O’Reilly was a kind and decent man who had seen life’s difficulties up close and person. One of his brothers was incarcerated for car theft, a sister had moved to England after having giving birth to her third child by her third partner (the other two children were fathered by each of her two other partners) and he had an older brother who spent years in an out of a psychiatric hospital. As a result of this unusual,new balance baratas, but rich and loving family background, O’Reilly was sensitive and tolerant to difference. Of all the teachers in the school he alone recognised something essentially good and decent about John.

My first impression of John was that he was unusual odd looking. Tall and gangly with a face studded with bad acne and teeth that seemed to protrude from every corner of his mouth he sat gazing upward in his chair. His mother introduced him saying that he was shy and didn’t quite understand why he was here. Despite this acknowledgment of his shyness John was eager to talk, rose to greet me and shook my hand warmly. “Are you afraid of helicopters?” was his introductory remark to me. As we walked to the office to have a chat I could not help but notice that John was constantly staring at the ceiling.

John spoke freely about his experiences in secondary school. He talked about the number of lads who laughed at him,cheap snapbacks, who encouraged him to do things he really didn’t want to do, like singing aloud during prayer time. He talked about his teachers who, according to him, either didn’t care to notice he was in the room or dismissed him as being a slow learner. He mentioned several staff members who were kind and gentle and who went out of their way to wish him good morning and inquire about his family. “There are a lot of good teachers in my school. Some are a bit cranky all right, but a lot of them are just trying to do their job. It isn’t easy when a lot of kids are acting the maggot in class.” As he talked about his teachers and the “…nice lady who gives me a cup of tea in the parent’s room…” he began to cry.

Through his tears John began to talk about Mr. O’Reilly. “That teacher is the best, he understands me. He told me that if I go for help the helicopter would go away and I won’t hear those noises all the time. He even told me, and I’m not supposed to say this, that he has a brother who had a problem just like mine and that he got help in a hospital. Don’t tell anyone I told you that please.” After further questioning it became clear that John was an adolescent with schizophrenia. He was having auditory hallucinations, believed there was a helicopter following him everywhere, even into school and was frightened and anxious all the time.

John ended up in hospital of course, was given the appropriate medication and his hallucinations went away. In the day room, once every week, there was a bingo game. Every week Mr. O’Reilly came and visited John, playing bingo with him. One week’s prize was New York Yankee’s baseball cap that had been on display all week long before bingo. John loved that cap, he lived for it, it was all he could talk about for the week. He even phoned Mr. O’Reilly once, with permission of course,wholesale snapbacks hats, and told him about the cap and how much he wanted to win it at bingo. That week Mr. O’Reilly turned up as usual. Throughout the bingo game all John talked about was the baseball cap. O’Reilly thought John mustn’t be taking his medication!

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Baseball Caps – Athletic With An Edge

Baseball caps are pretty synonymous with baseball or other sports fans, but you don’t have to be a fan of a particular sports team to wear one these days. Aside from trendy designed team caps, baseball caps are seeing new life with new emerging fashions that can be worn outside of the gym or out for an afternoon, even if it isn’t for a jog.

Women’s baseball caps are seeing new life now that more patterns are being used in their design. From floral to leather, baseball caps are now a hot fashion accessory that can spice up any casual or athletic outfit. A pretty floral cap can go well with any feminine outfit, whether it’s a casual dress or a cardigan and tee out to meet a friend for coffee. Dark or leather pattered caps can be worn with edgier ensembles and worn over tousled hair and with dark lipstick. Plaid paneled caps are also in style if you’re going for a hipster feel or for a grungier look. Retro denim caps are also in this season and can be worn with bold colors or animal prints to bring back some of that electric, yet old school 80′s and 90′s feel.

The great thing about new trending baseball caps is that they can be worn on a casual day out or as a cute workout accessory. Pair a floral cap with a canvas bag out on a friendly lunch date or wear it on your morning jog to keep the sun and your hair out of your eyes while still looking trendy. Like men’s caps,new balance baratas, these accessories have a convenient dual purpose. Not only are they fashionable but they happen to be pretty useful, too.

Choosing a fashionable baseball cap can be determined by your style or what style of outfit you see yourself wearing with it. The multitude of options allows you to choose a hat,Calzoncillos Calvin Klein, or a few,Replica Rolex Watches, like you might choose a scarf or a handbag. Whatever colors,cheap snapbacks, patterns, or styles you wear can help you choose what style cap suits you best. And like any other accent, be sure to pair it with like accessories and not with too many, either. Choose carefully which pieces work best with your outfit,go to website, your hairstyle and any other accessories. The baseball caps are a fun new trend that can help you look even cuter when you’re being casual or sporty.

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What Type of Pink Baseball Caps Should I Use in My Marketing Campaign?

If you are looking for the best type of hat for a young girl, you may consider purchasing pink baseball caps. These caps appeal to girls who are both active in sports and enjoy having touch with their feminine side. Often, just because a girl enjoys sports, she is labeled as a tomboy or not feminine enough. As a parent, you want to encourage your girls to play sports without sacrificing their sense of femininity. Purchasing caps that target younger girls can accomplish both goals without embarrassing you or the girl. Until young girls have matured to adulthood, they are often extremely sensitive about their appearances and what other people think of them.

When purchasing pink baseball caps, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. First,wholesale snapbacks, these caps need to be sized appropriately. Young girls grow. Because of this, fitted caps are often not the route to go. Until they are older teenagers and their skulls have completely finished growing and developing, fitted caps will need to replaced two or three times a year. If you are concerned about the cost of your new caps, purchase a high quality but adjustable cap. This will ensure that your cap will last longer than one season. This rule is bent for those who play on sports teams,about snapbackmvp, as the caps are typically only used for one season. If you are purchasing these caps for a team of girls and wish to purchase higher quality caps,Replica Rolex, then fitting the girls for caps may be a wise choice.

In addition to this, you need to pick the exact shade of pink. Pink baseball caps can range from neon tones to more subtle, pastel hues. Often, pastel caps are considered less offensive and can be worn in more places than those of neon colours. Make certain that you pick the colour of the cap based off of the needs and tastes of the girls, after all it is them who will be wearing them and it is important that they feel comfortable wearing it. Once again, it is important that you do not embarrass the children or they will be much less likely to wear the caps.

Finally, you will need to consider the materials of your pink baseball caps. The materials can range from denim, cotton, wool, leather,cheap air max, canvas and nylon. All of these material types have advantages and disadvantages. Canvas caps are often considered to be high quality, as they are easy to clean, breathe well, and are extremely durable. Leather caps are good for colder weather, but are very expensive. Denim caps share many of the same traits as canvas caps, with the exception of price. Canvas caps are usually cheaper. Cotton and wool caps are natural fibre and require special care. Often, cotton and wool are avoided for caps designed for children due to the fact that they are harder to clean and require more work. Nylon caps are among the most durable, but have the unfortunate disadvantage of not being as comfortable as other types of caps.

You can order custom made pink baseball caps for a team of girls or purchase already manufactured caps at many hat stores or directly online,michael kors bags outlet.

Sum Ish I Finally Wrote – 7.20.14

A four month hiatus? Damn, I’m slacking after spending all the time getting this new website up. I’ll blame the marriage-industry complex taking up most of my time as I’m about to get married in like two weeks. Having to plan and pay for a wedding has led me to believe that kids shouldn’t go to grad school, they should just become wedding planners or wedding vendors. That business is straight cash homie. OK excuses aside, here are a few rambling thoughts:

Sum Ish I Wrote -

Common’s new album Nobody’s Smiling is the most accurate title for an album this year, because most fans won’t be smiling after listening to this mish-mashed/meh record.  This website is named after a Common song, “Sum Ish I Wrote”, so obviously I have an affinity for Lonnie.   When I learned Common was releasing a new album featuring NO ID production, I automatically gave the record high expectations.  Resurrection is a Hip-Hop classic, and Common’s latest with NO ID The Dreamer, The Believer wasn’t half-bad.  The lead singles which featured Vince Staples like “Kingdom” got me hype, but the record simply doesn’t deliver.  It’s like he is trying to be “Chiraq”, conscious, and grown and sexy all at the same time.  The album lacks a theme or grabbing music, which is disappointing considering the emcee and producer behind the project.  Common will always be the boy, there are a few cool tracks, but I can’t say I’m feeling his new record as a whole.   Can someone convince me otherwise?  As a PS, Vince Staples is the boy and mirks his verses on this album.

My favorite part of the Solange / Jay-Z elevator fiasco was the fact that Beyonce was in the elevator the entire time doing absolutely nothing.  I wonder what was going on in her head at that time.  Maybe she was thinking Jay-Z deserved the blows thrown his way for philandering done on his part.    Maybe she was thinking about how the pyramids could have been built by man when each stone weighs like 10 tons (illuminati?).  Either way, seems like the family Knowles has moved on from this event.  My only hope from all of this is that it gives Solange’s career a boost, because of the three, she is making the most interesting music.  If you don’t agree, I dare you to name 5 songs from Jay-Z’s last album.

The worst “controversy” of this year is the Hot 97/ Peter Rosenberg vs. Chuck D beef centered around Hot 97 and corporate radio’s poor radio rotation.  Chuck D said that Hot 97 should dedicate more air time to local artists.  Here is why that’s a losing argument – Hot 97 isn’t a indie radio station, it’s a limb of a corporate entity.  They are trying to get VH1 money with reality shows and play shit mainstream labels give them.  They dont have a choice.  I know Peter’s taste in Hip-Hop, it isn’t what he plays on the morning show.  But, saying Chuck D trolling wasn’t a good look for him and I’m happy Peter apologized and all that shit can be put to rest.  Lost in this useless argument is the fact that we as fans dont need radio stations like Hot 97 to do anything.  We have the ultimate radio station – the internet.  Spotify. Soundcloud. Countless blogs with links.  This isn’t the 80′s when fans needed radio to introduce them to a diverse array of music, there are so many opportunities to find different music so easily now.  Sure this diaspora will favor only certain artists getting huge through mainstream radio, but as a fan, my only goal is to find music I like.   Whoever benefits the most isn’t my chief concern.  Using the radio to find new music is like using a boat to travel the Atlantic, it’s just outdated with all the new technology out there.

2014 has been a weak year overall for Hip-Hop.  By this juncture there is usually a few Hip-Hop LP’s that compel multiple listens weekly.  Perhaps I was so mad at Common’s record, because it could have filled that role of “jewel of the year.”  What are the best Hip-Hop albums of the year?  For me, probably Freddie Gibbs / Madlib and Isaiah Rashad attempt to fill that void the best.  Madlib’s beats on Freddie Gibbs LP are immaculate, and the record flows pretty damn well with Freddie being one of the only emcees able to ride Madlib’s beats properly.  While I went bonkers over this record at first, it has slowly fell out of rotation.  I still dig the Isaiah Rashad album, as it reminds me of old Outkast.  His flow and choice of production are super refreshing, and he has quickly become my favorite rapper on the TDE label.  But what else can you consider as a great rap album in 2014?

I bought the Skyzoo/Torae collabo LP off the strength of their name, but the album ended up being kinda…boring?  Sometimes I think Skyzoo thinks he is Whitney Houston or Mary J Blige the way he drops this monotonous, repetitive choruses.  Both emcees rip tracks, but I dont know, the album doesnt command me to keep bumping it.  Everyone else in NY (See A$AP) seems happy ripping off the South’s production and flow.  Whenever I listen to Hot 97 I feel completely out of touch with all the high-bpm/ heavy 808 knockin’ shit that reminds me of old Rap-A-Lot.  I guess that’s what the kids like these days, but kids these days suck anyhow.   Kids these days drink less and do less drugs than back in our day, and they appear to gravitate to weaker emcees repetitively rapping about drugs, violence, and sex (YG, Chief Keef, Big Sean, French Montana, Yung Lean, Wiz Khalifa, so on and so forth).   If I want party rap, I’m moving with Future anyhow.  I’m a pretty particular listener, so I dont expect the mainstream to deliver great albums for fans like me.  But we had Kendrick Lamar a few years back, Kanye’s joints, Chance the Rapper last year, etc – this year seems especially weak in this regard.

I suppose The Roots album is good, but it’s good music and doesnt feel like great Hip-Hop.  Black Thought barely has any strong verses on it, and feels closer to a Raheem DeVaughn/Bilal album than anything else.  Black Thought RIPS this track with Statik Selektah, Royce da 5’9, and Action Bronson, and that passionate lyricism is missing on the new Roots album.  I blame Jimmy Fallon.

If it’s not Hip-Hop, I find myself listening to hella St VincentMayer Hawthorneand Chromeo.  But, I’m absolutely craving boom-bap these days.  The buzz behind Your Old Droog’s EP was based on him sounding very close to Nas but lost in that buzz is the fact that this guy dropped one of the best rap EP’s of the year.  The guy’s flow is great and I love how he trolls fans by referencing Nas constantly.  Do yourself a favor and check this if you haven’t already.

When it comes to Hip-Hop, nothing is better than a fantastic performance live.  I was lucky enough to catch Nas’s first illmatic show with an orchestra at DC’s Kennedy Center.  It was probably the best concert I have ever been to, with Nas rapping the entirety of illmatic with a full orchestra backing.  It was a two hour show (!!) featuring the classic record and other classic joints (I lost my mind when he did his verse from “Live at the BBQ”).  I hope Nas can take this show on the road, because every Hip-Hop fan deserves a chance to catch this performance.   I just rolled with my fiancee to a De la Soul show in DC which was mad fun thanks to De La’s incredible energy.   Energy is the difference between a good show and a great show, and you couldn’t tell De La Soul are in their 40′s with the way they were hopping around on stage imploring fans to wyle out with them.

From a record sales perspective, Iggy Azalea has been killing it. “Fancy” is a super hit.  As is that song with Ariana Grande.  She can rhyme (sorta) and has great party beats behind her (“Work” is legit), but I wondered how the mainstream would accepted a white, Australian chick who sounds like she is merely copying a southern black girl’s accent.  America at first didnt care and has propelled her to star status.  Now it seems the summer of Iggy may be reaching a fall, as artists are starting to point out that perhaps she is giving less of an homage and just copping styles to make sales that only a white performer could do.   Iggy is attractive, a white person, and therefore becomes a more palatable rap artist for the mainstream.  That ruffles feathers.   Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.  Eminem was a beacon for criticism, and he never switched up his accent to sound different.  Iggy doesn’t need the more race conscious people behind her to make her money, but if the chorus of discontent is loud enough, it’ll drown out all of her “do dats.”

Apparently John Boehner is suing President Obama for using expanded powers.  President Obama may have violated the Constitution with this executive actions, but for the most part, he made these actions because Congress was more indignant than the unattractive cock-blocking friend of a girl you are trying to hit on.  There doesnt appear to be a real purpose to this other than trying to mar President Obama’s presidency.  It seems that the House GOP is more interested on shitting on President Obama than actually coming up with ideas to help the country.  You actually see these idiots blame President Obama for the recent plane attack disaster in Ukraine.  Delusional fucks.   Not just because you cant blame President Obama for everything wrong in their world, but it’s because trying to mar President Obama’s legacy is a losing battle.  In a decade or so, every major city will have an Obama Avenue, Obama Elementary, etc., just like JFK or MLK, JR.  Has he done as much as them? Probably not, but his status cannot be understated.  Also look at his objective record – he’s the first Black President.  He rebounded the economy after GWB, passed some form of health care reform, and killed Osama Bin Laden.  You can’t take that away from him, no matter how many lawsuits you bring against him.  You can definitely shit on him for the NSA and drones, but America doesn’t remember the details, only the big picture when it comes to leaders.  Clinton is revered right now and he copped a beejer with a big ass grin while President just like 20 years ago.   The GOP powers that be are trying to take shots at the future legend so their kids dont have to hear about President Obama in such a positive light, but it’s too late for that.  President Obama is like LeBron, he already got his title and history will reflect on him positively absent a real error on his ledger.

Riff Raff is a pretty terrible rapper, but god damnit, I can’t deny the illness that is “Introducing the Icon.” That beat is FIRE and Riff Raff is hilarious.

I really like Blueprint’s Respect the Architect. I forgot to shout this out earlier in the column, but you can cop it at your own price at Blueprint’s website.  I definitely recommend a purchase, this album is dope.

Ok, that’s enough ramblin’ for now.  Hopefully I’ll get a post before ye olde nuptials, but then again I disappeared for months.

Big R




So I’m lazy, have a great MF Doom mix I made

Ok so I’ve been swamped at work, I really want to talk about three incredible records – Isaiah Rashad, Vince Staples, and Freddie Gibbs/Madlib.  I’ll get on it soon, but until then – enjoy this MF Doom mix.


-big R

Review Haikus and other thoughts

It’s a snow day in DC, which gives me more time to give a quick review of all the new music that has hit us recently.  Plus thoughts on random sh*t.

Schoolboy Q – Oxymoron

A bit hit or miss,

Hits like “Break the Bank” are DOPE.

Overall, Schoolboy Cool.

Pharrell - G I R L

Prepare dancing shoes.

Summer vibes dropped in Winter,

Love that Daft Punk joint.

Rick Ross – Mastermind

King of finding beats,

His ad-libs are still on point,

Enjoyable stuff.

Yasiin Gaye - The Departure

Cool mash-up for sure,

with Mos Def and Marvin Gaye,

Soulful, dope, and free.

Currensy - The Drive-in Theatre

Smoke, smoke smoke, smoke, smoke,

smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke,

smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke,  jeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttsss

Thoughts on other sh*t:

Typically the NFL is pretty garbage on issues, like shoving the public financing of stadiums down America’s throats.  Also that whole lockout thing, but they stepped up on equality issues when it told Arizona that it would move the Super Bowl from Arizona to Tampa if Arizona passed its “religious freedom to be a jerk to gay people” bill.  It wasn’t good common sense that forced Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill, it was the fear of losing money.  Also, you know Arizona is a garbage place to live when the better alternative for the Super Bowl is Florida, the state where being scared of black people allows you to shoot them free of guilt.

I’m hot and cold on President Obama these days, but I loved his recent speech announcing “My Brother’s Keeper” program which focuses on providing at-risk youth with mentors so they can better navigate their tough circumstances.  Beyond the program which doesnt spend government money and appears to be a good idea, I’m impressed with the President’s candor when he admitted that he made bad choices and got high.   He wasnt punished for those mistakes at a disproportionate level like young poor kids today.  While this is a small step on inequality issues and I think he hasn’t been wonderful on these matters, I’m glad we have a President who can be himself on certain issues at least.

I know I already did my haiku reviews, but I have to say I’m legit surprised that I enjoy the Rick Ross album more than the Schoolboy Q on first listens of each.  Rick Ross just has an impeccable ears on beats.  And if you told me he rapped over a Biggie beat, I’d think that would be a bad move.  But “Nobody” came off flawless, Ross killed his verse and French Montana was perfect for that hook.   Kudos to Rozay for another solid record.

I saw Earl Sweatshirt live recently, and he killed it.  I was expecting a less hype show considering his discography, but dude came out with craaaazy energy.   The best part besides Earl himself, was his rhyming partner Vince Staples. He mirked his verse from “Hive” acapella.  He has a new mixtape coming out, mostly produced by NO ID, featuring the fireeeeee track “Nate” (produced by Scoop Deville).  Vince is the future, folks.

Ok, more lounging for me for now.  Peace out.

-Big R

Valentine’s Day Ode to the Filet-o-Fish

It’s Valentine’s Day, and my lady is out of the country visiting family – so I have to dedicate this to my first love, the Filet-o-Fish.  Sure, you may think it’s weird that I’m in love with the Fish Filet.  But after I had that first bite, I never really had a choice in the matter.

Our story begins before I was even born.  My dad moved to this country in the 70′s from rural South India.   He moved to Boston solo, to a land of strange cuisine.  When you are used to chicken curry, bland American food doesn’t cut it.  He told me that the one sandwich that agreed with him was the “Filet-o-Fish”; and he ate them pretty much everyday until Mom and rest of the family moved to the States.  So you see, my love and appreciation for the Filet-o-Fish was passed down like any other hereditary trait.  I never really had a choice in not loving the Filet-o-Fish, my genes were pre-wired to love it.

To the sandwich itself, and my is it a beautiful creation.  Let’s start with the bread.  The bread here is different than the bread in other McDonald’s burgers.  The bread was raised like it had a top-notch private education and was told that “anything is possible.”  Instead of going to Harvard Medical school, the bread decided to follow in the family business out of the love.

The fish in the sandwich is a perfect square of excellence.  You take a bite out of the fish and you feel the exhilaration of the good parts of the movie “Finding Nemo”, all up in your mouth.

The tartar sauce isn’t too hard to explain, tartar and fish go together like peanut butter & Jelly, Jordan and Pippen, Justin Bieber and poor decisions.  But it’s the cheese that puts it over the top.  You have yourself a fish sandwich, but it’s that motherf*cking cheese that take a fish sandwich to the Filet-o-Fish.   The cheese transforms the sandwich from a mundane plain Jane to a tasteful nude scene in a HBO series (True Detective, holla).

Like any good partner, the Filet-o-Fish is flexible.  Replace that tartar with ketchup.  Get wild and throw some fries in the sandwich.  The Filet-o-Fish loves you no matter how you get down with it.

You’ll criticize my love of the sandwich because it is a chemical creation of McDonald’s scientists.  That doesn’t knock down the fish filet in my eyes.  The Filet-o-Fish is just chemically perfect.   Grab your lady/dude if you got one.  Grab a Filet Fish no matter what.  It’ll be a good Valentine’s Day, bet.

- Big R

Sum Ish I Wrote – 2.13.14

Been a while, I was out sick and working 12 hour days.  That’s that shit I dont like.  Among other things really, here is a list of things I’m not feeling with some positives to end though.

That’s the Sh*t I Dont Like:

The almost Zimmerman vs. DMX fight – I took to the social medias (facebook and twitter) railing on the potential fight between George Zimmerman and DMX.  I legitimately think if this fight happened, it would mark a low point in American history from a pop/social perspective.  We would have celebrated a man whose sole claim to fame is killing an unarmed teenage black kid.   The concept of the fight was so disgusting to me, that I suggested someone needs to pay DMX more than what the promoter would have paid him to PREVENT him from fighting George Zimmerman.

Number one, this fight is not a good look for society.  Number two, DMX can’t afford a lawyer right now, let alone boxing training or protein.  He could have legit got mopped by Zimmerman.  He was supposedly going to get 1 million dollars – if he agreed to the fight formally, I’d hope  Jay-Z/Beyonce or someone else of that ilk would have paid him silently to not do the fight.

In the end, Damon Feldman (the promoter) backed away from a big payday and cancelled the fight.  Thank god.  I try to put myself in Trayvon Martin’s family’s shoes.  They are trying to move forward after the tragedy and what they feel is a miscarriage of justice, and this shit hits the news.  How would it honor Trayvon to have a random ass rapper fight Zimmerman?  Zimmerman gets paid, his “Fame” continues, and his repugnant presence continues to pollute society.

You dont deal with Zimmerman like this.  You dont talk about murdering him either.  That is stooping to his level, we are f*cking better than that.  Batman didn’t kill for a reason, ya’ll.  What do we do?  We choose to ignore him.   Let him live his life in misery, absent a wife who just left him and with the only financial support being from racists buying his shitty paintings.

Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ll hear from him.  He has a sneaky good PR team – I mean, how is he getting these opportunities in the first place?  Let’s hope I’m wrong about that though…

OK that’s pretty much the only thing I don’t like, now to things I like:

Step Brothers LP – Alchemist & Evidence team up for what I expected to be more like a Dilated Peoples album, but instead was more comedic/non-serious than anything.  The beats on here are proper, and there are some legit funny points in this album.  Maybe it’s the influence of cats like Action Bronson, but it is clear the LA emcee/producers are having fun with this album.  The gem to me is the first track “More Wins…” with a trademark booming Alchy beat.  The features on here are smart/fierce, particularly Action on “Mums on the Garage” and actor Scott Caan on “Byron G.”  Rhymesayers has been on a run as of late, and Step Brothers continues in that vein.  To be honest, this is the last rap album I bought in what feels like months.

The next album I likely buy, Schoolboy Q – And his tracklist for Oxy Moron just leaked.  The leaked tracks “Man of the Year”, “Collard Greens” are all fresh.  ”Break the Bank” (prod by Alchemist”) is surface on the planet Mercury fuego.  Apparently 50 Cent is the special guest on Oxy Moron, which is a great move for 50 Cent.  His last lead single wasn’t half bad, people were just kind of over his exaggerations of violence.  I think Kanye changed the landscape in that regard, making it easier for rappers to be themselves and not caricatures.  Peace to College Dropout by the way, which turned ten years old.   Anyhow, I expect this is the next album I’ll be buying, as Q has put together a solid roster of producers and features.

KILLA CAM SEASON IS BACK – It appears the dapper pink fur don from Harlem, Cam’Ron, is about to release a new EP with DJ A-Trak.  ”Humphrey” recently leaked, and it is soulful like syrup on a pancake served in the 1970′s.   Party Supplies co-produced this jam, which feels like a throwback Dip-set joint.   Cam’Ron also apparently has a new line of CAPES that he featured as part of Fashion Week in New York.  That’s right – CAPES.  I now know what I want for Christmas already.  Cam’ron is on another level man.

The Winter Olympics – is usually I could give two shits about.  This time, however, my friends set up a giant gambling pool betting on 32 events with a winner-take all for whoever gets the most medals.  My passive interest has turned to sleepless nights watching downhill skiiing hoping my pick gets a medal.  I’m not sure what the moral of the story is other than gambling makes everything better.

Phantogram’s new LP – is now streaming on NPR and it is awesome.  Who is Phantogram?  It’s indie rock type shit, but they got BEATS.  They were the main force behind Big Boi’s last solo LP, and they craft some marvelous shit.  Well worth the listen, folks.

OK, that’s it for now – a special Valentine’s day post is coming tomorrow.

Peace peace peace

Big R


Vince Young Fan Fiction

This is Vince Young’s diary.  Written on the second day of the second month of a year I could give a shit about.  I’m in my humble Houston abode.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and I feel relaxed because of the music I’m listening to right now.  My Evanescence Pandora Radio Station is my saving grace.  People expect me to be a Hip-Hop fan because you see me in Mike Jones videos, but Hip-Hop doesn’t capture my id., no the morose, heavenly, deep, devilish, rocking music of Evanescence is what moves my spirit.  It really WAKES ME UP.

I’m getting sidetracked, STUPID, STUPID VINCE.  Again, another Super Bowl goes on without my presence.  I dont know why I even bother watching anymore.

I’m beyond jealousy of the competing QB’s in the game.  I’m not on a NFL roster even though I have a winning record as a starting QB and I’m broke because I essentially invested my earnings with Nigerian Princes.  I mean, they said they were royalty – I thought I was investing with the guys Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall were playing in Coming to America.

I dont know why my chances in the league dried up.  Maybe it’s my psyche.  When Peyton Manning misses a pass, he is upset at himself and wonders how he can correct his next throw.  When I miss a pass, I think about whether or not if the blood in my body could fill a tub.  Also, I hate when people call me suicidal, that’s a big misunderstanding.  I’m not jealous or angry really.  I’m I’m like Eeyore, watching Winnie the Russell Wilson dancing in honey and adulation.  I just wanted a little honey for my breakfast toast, that’s all.

I hate when people make fun of my intelligence because of my Wonderlic score.  The Wonderlic.  The Wonderlic doesnt throw touchdowns, win national championships, or run a fast .40.  I’m not stupid, the test is stupid.  And who cares if I didnt ace this test?  I’m trying to be a NFL QB, not a world leader or anything.  Let’s give George W. Bush the wonderlic, I doubt he lights it up.

I feel like Waylon Smithers, constantly overlooked and never appreciated.  I dont know who feels bad for Tebow, he tripped into a playoff victory in a nice city like Denver.  I played in Tennessee, a state that takes pride in not teaching evolution and pushing intelligent design.  The problem was my coach, Fuhrer Fisher, did not intelligently design a gameplan for me.   Now Fisher is with St Louis, underachieving per usual, yet earning big contracts.

No, I’m not bitter or anything.  I’m just tired of being so good at football without a football job.  I miss my time as a Texas Longhorn.  I chose Texas as my football destination because I’m like the Longhorn.   The longhorn lives a life for the sole purpose of being eaten as a burger after a gruesome death.  I lived my life apparently to be chewed up and spit out by the media and NFL.

I’m not sad.  I just want a chance.  I’m the orphan Annie in a world of asshole Richie Riches and King Joffreys.  Give me a chance, there is no way I’ll disappoint you as much as I disappoint myself.

OK Diary, I have some Avenged Sevenfold to listen to before bed.

Vince out.



Super Bowl Sunday – Have a DJ Premier Mix

First, a RIP shout out to a master of his craft, Phillip Seymour-Hoffman.  Capote, The Master, Boogie Nights, Almost Famous, etc – dude was brilliant at his job.

Second, it’s superbowl time. Who do I got? I got Seattle with the points.  Why?  San Diego’s defense, which is meh, was able to make Peyton look vulnerable.  Seattle’s defense will do more than that, and Marshawn Lynch will carry that offense fueled on skittles and the fear of public speaking.

Below is a mix of incredible non-single DJ Premier tracks.  Most know him as my favorite producer, and here some of his best “lesser known” joints: