Peace to Dave Ellis

Crazy to think it has been 8 years since Dave left us.   I’d like to think he’d be happy with my efforts to finally get off my ass and re-do this website to include his writing.  I can hear him making fun of me like “Big R, you rarely write for the site and its mad weak.  Get my shit up there son!!!”  In honor of the main man, I compiled a Spotify Playlist of certain tracks from Dave’s “Personal Soundtrack” aka the section in his columns where he listed songs he was feelin’.  Peep the Hip-Hop focused mix below:

Quick thoughts:

I havent updated the page in a week or so because I was out of the country.  Excuses, excuses know.  I missed the NFC Championship Game and therefore missed Richard Sherman’s incredible post-game interview.  His interview with Erin Andrews channeled his inner Ultimate Warrior.   The racist stuff in reaction to the interview was poor, although Erin Andrews should win the Oscar for her interpretation of “White Flight” (too soon?).  Sherman is a Stanford graduate who gave a passionate response in an interview, athletes never do that!  It’s usually just cliches and nonsense.  I doubt we’ll get passion/excitement from athletes going forward, and that sucks.  I hope Richard Sherman gets 6 interceptions in the Super Bowl so when he gets interviewed after the game he’ll be so hype he’ll rip out a reporter’s heart, Temple of Doom style.  Kali Ma, Seahakws Dev.

Justin Bieber got a DUI and apparently people are surprised, angry, and care quite a bit about his actions.  America gives him headlines, showing we care about his indiscretions, yet if you look at Bieber’s mugshot it looks like he could care less.   Not one fuck appears to be given, and who can blame him?  He’ll get off these charges and use this press to promote a new record.

The NBA is mad good right now.  The best player playing at the moment isn’t even LeBron, it’s KD35 aka Slim Reaper who is scoring at will like a deranged Wilt Chamberlain (with less venereal diseases.  By the way, if Kevin Durant ever gets a venereal disease I suggest his new nickname be VD35).   The Knicks collapse is absurd theater, with some of the best GIFS in NBA history being unleashed to tell the tale of the misery.   The Lakers are objectively terrible, with only their real fans standing by that dumpster fire.   You know their struggles will last less than a season before they get Love / Westbrook and like Jabari Parker.  My Rockets are looking relevant tho, looking forward to a solid second half of basktball.

My favorite political story ever is Chris Christie’s aides using their political power to cause a traffic jam in a city with a mayor who didn’t endorse Christie.  Governor Christie blamed his aides and fired them with the quickness, which actually bodes well for his Presidential chances.  Christie may actually drop a few pounds to fight the “he’s too fat to lead” criticism because throwing people under the bus is a fantastic workout.

OK people, I’m out for now. Have a safe and awesome weekend.

Big R

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