Sum Ish I Wrote – 2.13.14

Been a while, I was out sick and working 12 hour days.  That’s that shit I dont like.  Among other things really, here is a list of things I’m not feeling with some positives to end though.

That’s the Sh*t I Dont Like:

The almost Zimmerman vs. DMX fight – I took to the social medias (facebook and twitter) railing on the potential fight between George Zimmerman and DMX.  I legitimately think if this fight happened, it would mark a low point in American history from a pop/social perspective.  We would have celebrated a man whose sole claim to fame is killing an unarmed teenage black kid.   The concept of the fight was so disgusting to me, that I suggested someone needs to pay DMX more than what the promoter would have paid him to PREVENT him from fighting George Zimmerman.

Number one, this fight is not a good look for society.  Number two, DMX can’t afford a lawyer right now, let alone boxing training or protein.  He could have legit got mopped by Zimmerman.  He was supposedly going to get 1 million dollars – if he agreed to the fight formally, I’d hope  Jay-Z/Beyonce or someone else of that ilk would have paid him silently to not do the fight.

In the end, Damon Feldman (the promoter) backed away from a big payday and cancelled the fight.  Thank god.  I try to put myself in Trayvon Martin’s family’s shoes.  They are trying to move forward after the tragedy and what they feel is a miscarriage of justice, and this shit hits the news.  How would it honor Trayvon to have a random ass rapper fight Zimmerman?  Zimmerman gets paid, his “Fame” continues, and his repugnant presence continues to pollute society.

You dont deal with Zimmerman like this.  You dont talk about murdering him either.  That is stooping to his level, we are f*cking better than that.  Batman didn’t kill for a reason, ya’ll.  What do we do?  We choose to ignore him.   Let him live his life in misery, absent a wife who just left him and with the only financial support being from racists buying his shitty paintings.

Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ll hear from him.  He has a sneaky good PR team – I mean, how is he getting these opportunities in the first place?  Let’s hope I’m wrong about that though…

OK that’s pretty much the only thing I don’t like, now to things I like:

Step Brothers LP – Alchemist & Evidence team up for what I expected to be more like a Dilated Peoples album, but instead was more comedic/non-serious than anything.  The beats on here are proper, and there are some legit funny points in this album.  Maybe it’s the influence of cats like Action Bronson, but it is clear the LA emcee/producers are having fun with this album.  The gem to me is the first track “More Wins…” with a trademark booming Alchy beat.  The features on here are smart/fierce, particularly Action on “Mums on the Garage” and actor Scott Caan on “Byron G.”  Rhymesayers has been on a run as of late, and Step Brothers continues in that vein.  To be honest, this is the last rap album I bought in what feels like months.

The next album I likely buy, Schoolboy Q – And his tracklist for Oxy Moron just leaked.  The leaked tracks “Man of the Year”, “Collard Greens” are all fresh.  ”Break the Bank” (prod by Alchemist”) is surface on the planet Mercury fuego.  Apparently 50 Cent is the special guest on Oxy Moron, which is a great move for 50 Cent.  His last lead single wasn’t half bad, people were just kind of over his exaggerations of violence.  I think Kanye changed the landscape in that regard, making it easier for rappers to be themselves and not caricatures.  Peace to College Dropout by the way, which turned ten years old.   Anyhow, I expect this is the next album I’ll be buying, as Q has put together a solid roster of producers and features.

KILLA CAM SEASON IS BACK – It appears the dapper pink fur don from Harlem, Cam’Ron, is about to release a new EP with DJ A-Trak.  ”Humphrey” recently leaked, and it is soulful like syrup on a pancake served in the 1970′s.   Party Supplies co-produced this jam, which feels like a throwback Dip-set joint.   Cam’Ron also apparently has a new line of CAPES that he featured as part of Fashion Week in New York.  That’s right – CAPES.  I now know what I want for Christmas already.  Cam’ron is on another level man.

The Winter Olympics – is usually I could give two shits about.  This time, however, my friends set up a giant gambling pool betting on 32 events with a winner-take all for whoever gets the most medals.  My passive interest has turned to sleepless nights watching downhill skiiing hoping my pick gets a medal.  I’m not sure what the moral of the story is other than gambling makes everything better.

Phantogram’s new LP – is now streaming on NPR and it is awesome.  Who is Phantogram?  It’s indie rock type shit, but they got BEATS.  They were the main force behind Big Boi’s last solo LP, and they craft some marvelous shit.  Well worth the listen, folks.

OK, that’s it for now – a special Valentine’s day post is coming tomorrow.

Peace peace peace

Big R


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