Review Haikus and other thoughts

It’s a snow day in DC, which gives me more time to give a quick review of all the new music that has hit us recently.  Plus thoughts on random sh*t.

Schoolboy Q – Oxymoron

A bit hit or miss,

Hits like “Break the Bank” are DOPE.

Overall, Schoolboy Cool.

Pharrell - G I R L

Prepare dancing shoes.

Summer vibes dropped in Winter,

Love that Daft Punk joint.

Rick Ross – Mastermind

King of finding beats,

His ad-libs are still on point,

Enjoyable stuff.

Yasiin Gaye - The Departure

Cool mash-up for sure,

with Mos Def and Marvin Gaye,

Soulful, dope, and free.

Currensy - The Drive-in Theatre

Smoke, smoke smoke, smoke, smoke,

smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke,

smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke,  jeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttsss

Thoughts on other sh*t:

Typically the NFL is pretty garbage on issues, like shoving the public financing of stadiums down America’s throats.  Also that whole lockout thing, but they stepped up on equality issues when it told Arizona that it would move the Super Bowl from Arizona to Tampa if Arizona passed its “religious freedom to be a jerk to gay people” bill.  It wasn’t good common sense that forced Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill, it was the fear of losing money.  Also, you know Arizona is a garbage place to live when the better alternative for the Super Bowl is Florida, the state where being scared of black people allows you to shoot them free of guilt.

I’m hot and cold on President Obama these days, but I loved his recent speech announcing “My Brother’s Keeper” program which focuses on providing at-risk youth with mentors so they can better navigate their tough circumstances.  Beyond the program which doesnt spend government money and appears to be a good idea, I’m impressed with the President’s candor when he admitted that he made bad choices and got high.   He wasnt punished for those mistakes at a disproportionate level like young poor kids today.  While this is a small step on inequality issues and I think he hasn’t been wonderful on these matters, I’m glad we have a President who can be himself on certain issues at least.

I know I already did my haiku reviews, but I have to say I’m legit surprised that I enjoy the Rick Ross album more than the Schoolboy Q on first listens of each.  Rick Ross just has an impeccable ears on beats.  And if you told me he rapped over a Biggie beat, I’d think that would be a bad move.  But “Nobody” came off flawless, Ross killed his verse and French Montana was perfect for that hook.   Kudos to Rozay for another solid record.

I saw Earl Sweatshirt live recently, and he killed it.  I was expecting a less hype show considering his discography, but dude came out with craaaazy energy.   The best part besides Earl himself, was his rhyming partner Vince Staples. He mirked his verse from “Hive” acapella.  He has a new mixtape coming out, mostly produced by NO ID, featuring the fireeeeee track “Nate” (produced by Scoop Deville).  Vince is the future, folks.

Ok, more lounging for me for now.  Peace out.

-Big R

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