About Us

The Name SumIsh.com is taken from the timeless classic track by Common Sense “Sum Shit I Wrote” off of his 1994 release Resurrection. David Ellis (RIP) wrote for his old page, Hip-Hop-Reviewz and decided to change the name to arguably his favorite track. If you know Sumish.com from Dave Ellis’s writing days, you knew it as a page where Dave would bitch/complain/grill Hip-Hop music and culture with extreme precision and skill. Fans of his writing like myself, enjoyed David’s candid, gritty, and honest analysis of Hip-Hop; and we are trying to bring it back. Most Hip-Hop pages, even the underground ones, are too corporate and impersonal to me. We hope to bring it back to that personal level with our interviews, reviews, and daily bitching/analysis. This page is a tribute to David Ellis the way he would want it. He made us all laugh when he used to talk about Hip-Hop, and we will do our best to follow in his footsteps. This page stands as a tribute to our dear friend, and a continuation in discussing the Hip-Hop culture we all are part of.

Head Editor: Big R

Contributers: Defchild

Special thanks to Young Hoon for hooking us up with moving this site to WordPress