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Sum Ish R Wrote – 2.16.15 »

My lame once every few month update average needs to improve, or I need to shut down the site. I’m paying the cost of spotify a month to keep the page up, ha! YEAR IN REVIEW REAL QUICKLY THOUGH: I’ll do this quickly, because those clickbait articles aren’t worth your time.  Album of the Year? [...]

Belated birthday wishes to D. Ellis + Other Thoughts »

Happy Belated to D. Ellis I know what you are thinking, this website has about a four post per yer year average and that’s so…laaaaaaaaame, and you aren’t kidding.  I’ll blame it on my wedding this year and an overall malaise about writing about rap music.  Excuses aside, I actually had a writing/mix planned for [...]

Sum Ish I Finally Wrote – 7.20.14 »

A four month hiatus? Damn, I’m slacking after spending all the time getting this new website up. I’ll blame the marriage-industry complex taking up most of my time as I’m about to get married in like two weeks. Having to plan and pay for a wedding has led me to believe that kids shouldn’t go [...]

Best of 2013 »

A Best of 2013 on Sumish?  Shit must be going crazy.  Blame it on the liquor, and perhaps the ease of updating on WordPress.  Here is my best of list, without any particular order and there is no definite standard in the categories I selected.  I apologize in advance this was not done in slideshow [...]