Pack FM interview by Jon Emmenidis

Editor’s Note: Pack FM was one of the many artists Dave introduced me to. Pack FM would send Dave tapes way back around ’98 and even before that. I remember hearing those tapes way back in middle school, and on a personal note it is dope to see Pack FM finally releasing his debut CD. I remember walking around school thinking I was the shit ’cause I knew who Pack FM, and no one else did at the time. Dave held down Pack, and with conversations with Pack FM after Dave’s passing; it is evident Pack FM respected and held down Dave as well. So that gives you added reason to pick up his debut CD, WhutduzFmStand4? when it drops in June. So sit back and enjoy this interview provided by the homie Jon Emmenidis

J.E. ( You’ve been in the game since ’97, how come the solo’s taken 9 years to release?

Pack FM: Well, this project is pretty much my dream. If I only get one shot at making a solo album, I want it to be done right. I’ve put out loads of singles and mixtapes and the Extended Famm EP, but this album is special to me and I didn’t want to put it out just to say “Hey look at my album”. This is a work of art to me, you can’t rush art.

J.E. ( I feel that, it’s good to see artists still putting in a lot of time into albums rather then just putting them out as soon as possible for that extra dollar.

Pack FM: Yeah its definitely an issue of quality over quantity. Look how many MCs out there rush to put out albums that suck. I look at it from an art point of view, create a masterpiece. Not everybody is going to see it as one, but if you can honestly say to yourself that you created a masterpiece by your own standards, then you’ve achieved something great. I made this record for myself and I’m sharing it with yall. I sound like Gandhi don’t I?

J.E. ( Haha…Your releasing your debut solo album whutduzFMstand4 in June, what should we expect from the album?

Pack FM: Good music that you can listen to everyday. I’m hoping that people will not want to leave their house without a copy of this album.

J.E. ( I notice there aren’t many guest appearances on the album, is this because you want listeners to really get to feel your music on another level?

Pack FM: Well basically. I have done songs with lots of “big name” underground acts. People know how I sound with other rappers. I don’t see the purpose of a solo LP with 6 guest appearances

J.E. ( Is the album going to be produced by in house Qn5 producers?

Pack FM: Yeah each producer has at least one track on the album. Tonedeff did the bulk of the production. It wasn’t planned that way, at one point Elite wasn’t on the album but I had him remix a track and it ended up being twice as hot as the original. There’s not much point going to outside producers when I have 5 of the best on my team.

J.E. ( When did you first perform at a live show, and how was it for you?

Pack FM: The first show I did was really corny, I had a crush on this girl who was throwing a fashion show and she asked me to perform. I had no real songs or experience. I got up there and just started rapping to a bunch of people who really didn’t give a shit. No crowd reaction or anything. I learned my lesson. It sucks because the girl was so busy she didn’t even see my “set”.

J.E. ( That’s an interesting first experience to say the least haha, did you end up getting the girl?

Pacm FM: Nope, I suck at getting women. I don’t even think she knew I liked her.

J.E. ( Better luck next time huh…How did all the QN5 people get together? I mean that is an amazing roster.

Pack FM: Well we pretty much all just knew each other one way or however. Tonedeff has had his vision and we all saw it too. Plus the mutual respect for each others talent made it easy for all of us to jump on board.

J.E. ( Any plans on a follow up Extended F@mm album?

Pack FM: We more than likely will within the next year or so. But getting all of our solos out of the way first is a priority. It will definitely make the groups impact more powerful. We have song ideas set up and a working title already. It’s going to be something incredible.

J.E. ( So we can expect solo albums from all members of Extended F@mm in the near future?

Pack FM: Definitely, Substantial played me his new album yesterday. It’s set to drop this summer as well. Session’s album is getting wrapped up also and Tonedeff’s album has been doing great since last year.

J.E. ( Definitely some good shit to look forward to then moving on, what’s your opinion on today’s New York hip hop scene?

Pack FM: It’s in a bad state right now. NYC gets no respect because people refuse to find the talented hungry rappers and put them out. They put carbon copy rappers who sound like whatever is “current” and that doesn’t last. Hip hop is about individuality and the only NYC rappers that get attention are the ones that do what’s “hot”. Nobody is trying to be a trendsetter. They all dress the same, talk the same, have the same story. It’s time for a change, but the people in power are scared to invest in that.

J.E. ( feel that definitely, what new artists from NYC should the public be on the lookout for apart from yourself?

Pack FM: Who else from NYC raps? It’s just me right now. If I didn’t rap, Poison Pen, Immortal Technique, Pumpkinhead, Sean Price and Grafh would take over. But apparently my overwhelming talent is holding them all back.

J.E. (’m sure I’m not the only Aussie wondering this, any plans on touring Australia?

Pack FM: Apparently somebody has been trying to bring Extended Famm to Australia for the past 3 years, but its never happened. Book me and I’m there.

J.E. ( Oh word, I’m a call some people and get back to you then. Anyway Pack thanks for the interview man, any last words?

Pack FM: Yeah buy my shit, pre order now and you get a free DVD.